If you live right here in Jacksonville, FL, then you know we’re blessed with plenty of sunshine and warm weather. However, we’re not immune to the occasional thunderstorm and downpour. If your chimney isn’t waterproof, then you could experience significant water damage in both your stack and your roof. But why is a waterproof chimney necessary if the downpours come and go? Chimney Champions is here to answer this, as well as other commonly asked questions we get from homeowners throughout the area.

Why Should My Chimney Be Waterproof?

Why do my bricks need to be waterproof?

A common misconception is that bricks need to breathe, but this isn’t the case. Bricks are a very porous material, which means there are plenty of entry points for water. Once water gets in, it can erode the bricks and cause them to crumble. So, your bricks need to be sealed and waterproof to keep them looking pristine and sound. 

Isn’t my chimney cap enough?

Think of your chimney cap as a wide-brimmed hat you wear to the beach. While the hat shields your face from the sun, it doesn’t protect the rest of your body. A chimney cap is much the same. While it can protect the top of your chimney from downpours, it won’t protect the rest of the stack. So even if your chimney is surrounded by siding, you should protect it by ensuring there are no cracks or easy entries for water.

I’ve never had an issue with water. So why should I care now?

Just because you’ve never had an issue with water damage in the past doesn’t mean you won’t in the future. Water damage can go undetected for months. That’s why regular inspections and repairs are necessary. Taking preventative measures to protect your chimney from water damage is the best thing you can do.

When should I call Chimney Champions?

Getting your chimney inspected sooner rather than later can save you some big bucks, because water damage can deteriorate a chimney quickly. So, if you want to know how waterproof your chimney is, then it’s time to call Chimney Champions. We proudly serve the entire Jacksonville, FL, area and can replace a broken cap, cover, or do a complete chimney sweep. So, schedule your appointment when you all (904) 268-7200.