A fireplace is a beautiful addition to any home, but it can also be dangerous if not used properly. That’s why it’s important to have your chimney inspected regularly by Chimney Champions and to practice fire safety inside your home. One way to keep you and your home safe is to make sure you always have a fireplace screen, and here are five reasons why.

The Top 5 Reasons You Need a Fireplace Screen

1. Efficient and Effective Way to Heat a Home

Did you know that only about 10% of the firewood’s energy is turned into useful heat? That means the rest of the heat and energy is escaping through your chimney. But, a fireplace screen helps capture that heat and then distribute it evenly out into your home.

2. Protects from the Heat and Sparks

The fireplace screen does more than just capture heat: It also protects the flooring and the mantel around the fireplace from sparks and embers. This barrier provides the right amount of protection, so you’re not left with burn marks on the carpet or a potential house fire.

3. Prevents Children or Pets from Getting Too Close

Protecting small children and pets from getting burned is one of the most important rules of fireplace safety. So, by installing a fireplace screen you’re doing just that. A well-made screen won’t fold or cave when touched and it should be too heavy for small children to move.

4. Helps Prevent Chimney Fires

A fireplace screen also encourages the direct flow of air up through the chimney. This airflow leads to less creosote buildup which helps prevent a chimney fire. However, a screen will not prevent the eventual buildup, and you’ll still want a chimney sweep on occasion.

5. Adds Beauty to the Home

Lastly, a fireplace screen is a great way to add beauty and elegance to your home. If you’ve been avoiding putting a screen in front of your fireplace because you don’t like the way they look, then you should know there are plenty of other options out there besides the mesh grate. Don’t be afraid to add an ornamental screen to the front of your fireplace.

Protect Your Home with Chimney Champions

Owning a fireplace comes with responsibilities, many of which homeowners throughout Jacksonville, FL, can take care of themselves. However, when it comes to chimney sweeps, inspections, and replacing chimney caps, they call Chimney Champions. To schedule your appointment, call (904) 268-7200 today.