We’ll never understand why birds choose to make a nest in your chimney!  This week, our Chimney Champions® technician found a nest, complete with eggs, waaay waaay down the flue – the next was located about halfway.  The only way we found it was through our video camera scanner, which we use during our Level 2 Cleaning & Inspection service.  Birds nests pose serious issues in your chimney – not only can they catch fire themselves, which could cause serious damage to your system, but they can also create a blockage such that smoke fills your home instead of going up through the chimney!  That’s never good.  Check out our photos below!

First you’ll see the video image on the Chim-Scan showing the nest and eggs.  The next photo is the location of the nest…. see that little brush looking thing hanging down the flue?  That’s our video camera hanging down.  And way down next to the “brush end” of the camera is the birds nest – that little white “dot” is the eggs in the nest.  The nest is affixed to the side of the flue about halfway down the system.  Birds use their saliva to “glue” their nest to the sidewall of the flue.  Crazy!