Heavy rains and winds can take a toll on your chimney. Strong storms can kick up in an instant and last for just a few minutes. However, they leave a trail of damage behind, including impacts to your home. If you have trees in your yard that hang over the house, then you’re at even more risk for storm damage. Here are a few things the experts at Chimney Champions want you to know when inspecting the chimney damage in the aftermath of a storm.

Common Chimney Storm Damage

Missing Chimney Caps

It’s not uncommon for loose, light items to go scattering across the neighborhood when there are 70+ MPH winds. With so much force, your chimney cap is likely laying on the ground several yards away from yours. Even if you think that a missing chimney cap isn’t worth replacing or tracking down, think again. Your cap is essential for keeping out animals, debris from trees, and blocks excess moisture from entering your home. Think of your chimney cap as an umbrella for your chimney, and its primary job is to keep your chimney liner from growing mold. 

Damaged or Broken Bricks

It’s amazing what wind and rain can accomplish in a short amount of time. One of the most common structural damage claims filed by homeowners is a broken chimney, especially in older homes. In most cases, a pile of bricks or stone on the roof after a storm is a good indication that the mortar holding everything together has deteriorated, and your entire chimney is weak. In this instance, an entire rebuild is usually the only thing that can restore your chimney. 

Leaks in Your Home

If you don’t inspect your chimney and roof after each heavy storm, you may not notice anything is wrong until it rains again. Waiting until you notice a leak is not a good idea, and this could end up costing your more than just a chimney repair bill. Leaks from your chimney are often due to a missing cap or to mortar that has deteriorated and left a small hole for the elements to enter your home. Moisture built up in the attic or within your chimney stack can cause mold to grow, or can weaken support beams in your roof. 

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