As a chimney sweep, you see the good, bad, and dangerous when it comes to chimney work performed before a sale. One of my recent inspections uncovered the dangerous side. The home had recently been purchased from a flipper and the clients were interested in having the fireplace inspected for use this Winter. A home inspection had already been performed with no mention of any issues with the fireplace but here is what I found: Here is the initial overview of the fireplace. Now let’s have a look inside.. Dear lord! The flue system was being held up by a stack of bricks and was on the verge of collapse! Not only was the fireplace unsafe for use, it also was a safety hazard from the possibility of collapse. Now comes one of the worst parts of my job, giving the bad news to the clients. A repair this substantial can cost thousands of dollars and most new homeowners have already used a large chunk of savings performing inspections, paying the down payment, etc. Before closing on a home have your chimney inspected by a CSIA certified chimney sweep. If this would have been found during the negotiation period, it could have been addressed before closing instead of being a major let down after moving in.