Drones can be a great way to inspect hard to reach chimney systems, especially the top crown area. Below are a few examples: Steep pitch roof with a very tall chimney. Three story house on the beach with water intrusion damage. Overhead view of the missing chase cover and active water intrusion area. A collapsing chimney system on a neighbors house next to the inspection (life safety hazard). The last drone image was a prior inspection with seven fireplaces on a tile roof! A few things to be mindful of when your inspector is using a drone: Does their liability insurance cover drone usage? If not, are they using a secondary company such as Verifly to cover liability while the drone is in use? Are they certified by the FAA? This is key training to know the rules, regulations, and safe flying conditions. In summary, drones can be a great tool for a chimney inspection but should be used in a safe manner and by qualified and insured professionals. More information about Verifly Information on how to become a certified drone pilot