Sometimes the elements win the battle against a fireplace, especially ones that have gone several years without maintenance. The fireplace above was no longer operational but the client still wanted something cost effective and would look better than this! It is a painful day for a chimney professional but sometimes the best option is to convert a system to electric. Step One – Cap off the chimney chase Step Two – Concert to electric As you can see the before and after is a pretty dramatic difference. This is also a popular option for clients with rental properties where they do not want the liability of the renter using a wood or gas fireplace. Disclaimer – When converting over to an electric system the client must be fully aware that eletric is the only option after the conversion and that using the fireplace for any other means could result in carbon monoxide poisoning, fire, and or death. Additionally, a permanent sign must be placed in the firebox warning of the conversion and dangers as well. If the home is ever sold it becomes the sellers responsibility to disclaim the non working status to the future home owner, not only to prevent potential disappointment, but to make sure they are aware that any use other than electric is unsafe and no longer an option.