What would you do if you knew you had a hole in your roof that was big enough for a watermelon to fit through?

You would no doubt get your roof repaired without delay!

Chimney Champions® research reveals that 1 of every 6 homes in our area has a roof leak at the chimney! The leaks most often occur at the cap, cover, chase or crown. And most go undetected.  But why?  How is it that a leak in your roof is very noticeable and a leak in your chimney can go unnoticed for months, years or even decades?

When your roof leaks you need only enough water to wet the drywall on the ceiling to notice a stain. Your ceilings visible to you and often well lit. If you are real lucky, as it relates to detection, the water on the attic side of the ceiling will flow along the back of the drywall and drip down from a light fixture!

Not good to have water in a light fixture, though you must admit it makes it easy to see and it does get your attention for immediate repair!

Your chimney leak is most often invisible and has been going on for years. Years of moisture getting into your chimney is very destructive.

In masonry fireplaces, the water penetrating down the terracotta flue rusts and destroys the damper as well as the mortar that safeguards the seams in the terracotta flue liner. If not inspected and repaired, the masonry firebox can also be destroyed.

With metal prefabricated fireplaces, water penetration via a missing or damaged cap and cover system allows water to rust and destroy the metal flue as well as the metal firebox. This damage is most often undetectable without the use of specialized video scanning equipment that scans the entire length of the flue interior top to bottom (Chim-Scan video camera system). Another way to discover this damage is when your home catches fire. This is NOT recommended!

In addition to the destructive power of moisture penetration into your chimney, your chimney is an attractive place for birds, raccoons and creepy creatures. An open chimney also collects debris for mold growth and bug habitat. All with direct access into your living room!

The Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) recommends a cleaning and inspection of your chimney. This process would discover if you have a chimney leak and where.  The cleaning is a critical maintenance action and is required so that the video scan can see any damage to the flue. Without cleaning you cannot properly see sides of the flue.  Chimney Champions® uses a Chim-Scan video camera during our Level 2 Cleaning and Inspection service.

During a Level 2 service, your Chimney Champions® CSIA Certified Chimney Sweep will also provide you a written report with photos and recommended repair actions to make your chimney dry and function properly.

If minor repairs are needed, sometimes they can be done at the completion of the chimney cleaning and inspection. Major repairs requiring custom metal work or specialty parts can be scheduled after the appropriate parts are ordered.

Now is the best time to get your fireplace ready for hurricane season to prevent damage and water intrusion. It also ensures that your fireplace will be ready for romance whenever you are ready to feel the heat! Call Chimney Champions® today at 904-268-7200