You may have already seen the recent Chimney Champions® blog posts discussing the differences between a CHIMNEY CAP and a CHIMNEY CHASE COVER.  But what about a CHIMNEY CROWN?…

Despite what its name may lead you to believe, crowns are not just for fancy chimney systems! 

A chimney crown is a concrete or masonry slab, and its purpose is to seal off the top of a chimney.  While crowns do provide great protection to the systems when present and in good condition, a Chimney Cap is still a very necessary component.

It is important to know that not all systems are the same.  Different chimneys will have different styles and sizes of caps and other parts.  And not all chimneys have chimney crowns.

One size definitely does not fit all when it comes to a proper-functioning chimney and fireplace.  To make sure YOUR system is in the best possible condition, click here to contact Chimney Champions®, or call (904) 268-7200 today for your inspection and sweep!