Spalling is the industry term chimney inspectors use to describe chimney bricks that have begun to decay, loosen, or chip. A chimney with spalling bricks is not only an eyesore, but it’s also a safety hazard. Spalling bricks mean that your chimney is in poor health, and should be inspected and repaired right away. If you still have questions about what spalling is and why it matters, we’ve explained it here. When you’re ready, give the team at Chimney Champions a call for repairs.

Chimney Brick Spalling Explained


Why Chimney Bricks Decay

Your chimney bricks take a daily beating from the weather. But, there are several reasons the bricks may be spalling. One of the most common reasons is the bricks’ age, while another is because of the house settling. We often find that older homes that have settled into their foundations have chimney bricks that need to be replaced. Additionally, bricks might spall because of being struck by lightning or by years of rainfall.

The Damage Associated with Spalling Bricks

Damage to chimney brick masonry can lead to various issues, either with your roof or within your home and fireplace. One of the most common issues is water seeping into the home. Spalling bricks allow excess water to either drip down into your fireplace or travel along a path beneath shingles in the roof. Either way, water in your home is never welcomed. Homeowners often don’t realize they have a leak in the chimney until other health concerns arise, usually associated with mold growth from excess moisture. 

The Solution

The only solution to restoring your chimney and fixing spalling bricks is to have the bricks replaced. Usually, homeowners are able to spot spalling bricks from a self-inspection or find out during their yearly inspection. Either way, your chimney sweep will be able to recommend the proper next steps in restoring your chimney. The repair will likely include weatherproofing, removing bricks that are damaged beyond repair, and repairing ones that can still be saved. Some of the most commonly replaced parts during this repair are the chimney cap and crown, liner, damper, and roof flashing. 

Request an Inspection Today

Any time is the right time to have your chimney inspected, especially if you suspect that you have spalling bricks. Not only will you want an inspection from an expertly trained and licensed chimney sweep, you’ll also want proper recommendations on repairs and cleanings. At Chimney Champions, we proudly assist homeowners throughout Jacksonville, FL, and are here to serve you. You can visit our website to schedule an appointment, or give us a call at (904) 268-7200.