A fireplace is the focal point in any room. You probably love lighting a new fire in it every day, and enjoying the warmth and calm that follows. Here at Chimney Champions, we love fireplaces and are dedicated to keeping chimneys and fireplaces clean. We also love to provide some tips and tricks for homeowners. So, if you’re tired of venturing back and forth from the woodpile to your fireplace, here are our indoor firewood storage ideas. You can thank us later!

3 Indoor Firewood Storage Ideas

1. Accentuate the Fireplace

When it comes to storing your firewood indoors, you want to keep the pile away from the main heat sources. Many homeowners get creative with floor to ceiling storage towers on either side of the fireplace. This not only accentuates the focal point in the room, but it also keeps your firewood stacked neatly up and away from any flames. If you have built-in bookshelves, you can also dedicate an entire cabinet to firewood storage.

2. Call It Art

If you’re looking for a more modern look, consider using a piece of art as a storage place. Using a large metal ring with compartments provides a great place to store wood and other fireplace accessories. You can either look for metal firewood storage rings that sit on legs or that hang on walls. This artsy option gives your home a clean and unique look, all while giving you quick and easy access to your firewood. 

3. Use a Bucket

Keeping your firewood up and off the floor ensures that it doesn’t go rolling away nor get in the way of guests. Plenty of homeowners choose to keep a pile of firewood handy in their homes using a simple bucket or basket that blends in as home decor around the fireplace. Using a bucket means you can easily move the firewood out of the way or take it out to the woodpile for a refill when need be. 

Get Your Fireplace Ready for Use

If you’ve got your firewood all stacked and dried, ready for those warm and toasty fires, then you’ll want to ready your fireplace. With a proper inspection and cleaning from the chimney sweeps at Chimney Champions, you can be well on your way to lighting your next fire. We can also replace any fireplace mesh screens or chimney caps during our visit to your home in Jacksonville, FL. To schedule your appointment, call (904) 268-7200.