How to Guarantee Fireplace Efficiency

December 12, 2022 | Chimney Basics

Do you have a traditional fireplace in your home? If so, you may be wondering how to guarantee fireplace efficiency. A traditional fireplace can be a major source of heat loss in your home, costing you money on your heating bill. But, with the right chimney repairs, it can be a great source of heat, as well. So, Chimney Champions discusses some tips on how to make your traditional fireplace more efficient!

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CHOP and SHOP: Tips for Choosing the Best Firewood, Tinder & Kindling for The Most Efficient Fire

July 18, 2018 | Efficiency

DIFFERENT TYPES OF FIREWOOD:  Does it Really Matter? Yes, it really does.  Choosing the right type of wood for your fireplace or wood-burning stove involves many factors.  When the firewood was cut, for instance, can play a role in whether or not it is the right wood for you.  The more recently the wood has been cut, the more water it contains.  Well-seasoned wood is dryer and is therefore easier to get started, and produces a hotter, cleaner burn.  Firewood should always be stored outdoors, off the ground, and with some type of overhead covering to prevent direct contact with rain or snow.  This area should be well-ventilated to allow the air to circulate and dry the wood out.  Firewood that has been stored properly and cut at least six months before burning will produce a much better burn.Many think the most important factor to consider when selecting firewood is what … Continued

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