If your home has a fireplace or two, then you have the luxury of keeping your home warm and creating a cozy ambiance. Yet, none of that happens without a great fire. So, here are five great tips from the professional chimney sweeps at Chimney Champions on how you can start and maintain a great fire!

5 Tips for a Great Fire

1. Start Fresh

Before you light your fire, it’s always best to ensure the chimney is clean and free of creosote buildup. If you haven’t used your fireplace in a while, you could also have a blockage preventing a great fire. So, make sure you call in our team of experts for a professional sweep to ensure you get the most out of each log you burn.

2. Use the Right Wood

As important as keeping your chimney clean is, so is using the right burning materials. Never burn plastic or boxes or pre-treated wood. Instead, stick to dry, untreated logs. You should never burn seasoned or green wood, as this can cause more smoke and soot. And, always remember to expose the dry, split side of the wood to the fire first. 

3. Open That Damper

Opening the damper before you light is one of the most crucial steps to enjoying your fireplace. Without an open damper, smoke from your fire quickly fills the room. The damper not only allows smoke to escape but also continues to feed your fire oxygen, which is perhaps the most crucial element for a healthy fire. 

4. Keep Some Ash

If you’re the responsible homeowner who cleans out all the ash after every fire, then we’re proud of you! But a little ash left behind is also key for a strong, warm fire. An inch of ash on the bottom acts as insulation and helps keep the fire nice and toasty. 

5. Use Kindling

Trying to light the first big log of the season can be a challenge. So, we recommend you use some sort of kindling. This can be newspaper or twigs to form a base for your flames. Add a smaller piece of wood next, and once you have a healthy fire going, you can add your large log. 

We’re Here for Your Chimney Needs

Whether you’re looking for more chimney care tips or professional chimney sweeping, the experts at Chimney Champions have you covered. We proudly serve residents throughout Jacksonville, FL. New or old, we can take care of the cap or cover replacements, sweeps, and inspections. So, give us a call today at (904) 268-7200, or schedule an appointment online for all your chimney needs!