Chimney inspections are a crucial part of your fireplace safety and responsibility. Not only can an inspection from Chimney Champions uncover signs of a chimney fire, but it can also reveal the overall condition of your stack. Some homeowners only require a cap replacement, while others need a new flue or liner. While you might think that your chimney is functioning just fine, there are key signs that say otherwise. Here is what you need to be on the lookout for.

3 Signs Your Chimney Is Unwell

1. Signs of Nests

If you spot feathers, twigs, and other nesting materials around your roof and chimney, then you might have an animal making themselves cozy in your chimney. You might also hear the flapping of wings or chirping coming from inside your home. Birds are notorious for nesting in chimneys since they provide a safe, warm place for their eggs. However, they can also block ash, smoke, and airflow, all the while providing unwanted flammable materials to your fireplace. 

2. Smoke or Burning Smell 

If you notice a smoke or burning smell even while your fireplace isn’t in use, then your chimney is unwell. Creosote is a common cause for this type of odor, and it can easily be detected with a chimney inspection. Creosote is often caused by burning insufficient wood, whether it be chemically treated or too wet. What starts as small flakes can build up quickly, making it all the more essential you pay attention to the type of wood you burn. 

3. Your Fires Don’t Burn

If your chimney is unwell and blocked, you will notice it primarily in the way a fire burns. Often, homeowners turn to us for chimney sweeping when they notice that their fires aren’t getting hot enough to burn whole logs. Oxygen and airflow through your chimney are important for a fire to burn hot, so your chimney likely is blocked if that’s not occurring. Extinguish the fire and call for an inspection or sweep immediately. 

Trust Our Licensed Professionals

Chimney inspections should be done with the right equipment and by the right team of professionals. When looking for an expert inspector or sweep, make sure they carry all the necessary licenses. Here at Chimney Champions, we hold all the top certifications and licenses, which means Jacksonville, FL, homeowners get only the best when they call us. In addition to chimney inspections, we also provide chimney sweeping, cap replacements, and cover replacements. To schedule your appointment, call today at (904) 268-7200