Having a fireplace in your home requires responsibility and safety precautions, especially if kids are in the house. While your fireplace isn’t dangerous when used correctly, it does have the potential to be deadly. Yearly inspections from Chimney Champions can help prevent most fireplace accidents and issues, but there’s still more you can do. To help keep you, your family, and your home safe, pass along these three fireplace safety tips to your kids.

3 Fireplace Safety Tips for Kids

1. Set Boundaries

The flames coming from your fireplace don’t escape and burn children. Instead, most fire burn accidents happen when kids and youngsters get too close to the fire or hot coals. So, to protect the little ones, make sure you explain healthy boundaries to them. You might even make sure that there is a gate or safety screen between them and the fire. Don’t allow them to run and play near the fireplace, and make sure they understand the dangers of getting too close. 

2. Install Glass Doors

If your home has an open masonry fireplace, installing a set of glass doors can help keep the kids safe. While the doors have to be open while you use the fireplace, make sure your kids understand that when the doors are closed, they can’t touch it. Glass doors can help protect them from touching or stumbling into hot ash and logs after you burn a fire, However, the glass can also get hot, so encourage them not to get close or touch this type of accessory when it’s closed. 

3. Set a Good Example

Kids are known to follow the example of the adults around them. So, if they see you poking around and playing with fire, they’re likely to do the same. Therefore, it’s important you set a good example and practice the same safety precautions you preach. For example, if you use starter fluids for your fireplace, make sure you use them properly and wisely. Never overuse the fluid, and keep it as far away from the fireplace as you can when not in use. Little things like this will help keep you and your kids safe while you enjoy a cozy fire. 

Schedule an Inspection before You Light a Fire

If you haven’t used your fireplace yet this year, then give Chimney Champions a call for an inspection before you do so. We can make sure you don’t need a chimney cap or chimney cover replacement, and we’ll even do a chimney sweep. So, if you live in Jacksonville or St. Augustine, FL, contact us at (904) 268-7200