A fireplace and chimney bring a lot of physical and monetary value to your home. However, they also require a great deal of maintenance and care. As a home ages, so does the chimney, which is why regular inspections from Chimney Champions are necessary. Even more important are repairs that you should make to keep your chimney in proper working order and keep your home safe from smoke or fire damage.

3 Chimney Repairs to Make Right Away

1. Chimney Cap

As a critical chimney accessory, the chimney cap prevents rain from pouring directly into your chimney and causing moisture damage. The chimney cap sits on top of the flue and is surrounded by a then metal mesh, preventing animals from nesting on top of your chimney. However, a cracked or damaged chimney cap won’t prevent rainwater or animals from getting into your chimney. So, it’s critical that you replace this chimney accessory as soon as you realize or are notified that it’s damaged. 

2. Chimney Crown

The mortar or cement surface at the top of your chimney is called a chimney crown. This surface meets certain design specifications and usually slants at least four inches away from the flue. A quality chimney crown will also overhang by about two inches, helping move rainwater away from the chimney and down the rest of your roof. Unfortunately, poor construction of these crowns can lead to premature damage that needs to be fixed right away. In addition, when cracks appear in the crown, your flue, chimney lining, and fireplace are all at risk of water damage. 

3. Brick and Mortar Cracks

Your chimney is comprised of brick and mortar, and is exposed to the elements 24/7. As you might imagine, a weathered chimney will have brick and mortar cracks, which can allow water in. Additionally, if you have a chimney fire, cracks in the bricks allow the fire to escape and quickly spread to the roof. If your home is built close to your neighbor’s home, this chimney fire can also quickly spread to their home. So, repairing your brick and mortar is crucial for safety and damage prevention.

Schedule a Chimney Inspection

If you haven’t had your chimney inspected all year, then make this a priority on your to-do list this month. Chimney Champions is fully licensed and certified to come out and inspect everything about your chimney. We also offer chimney sweeping and cap or cover replacements for residents throughout Jacksonville and St. Augustine, FL. Schedule your appointment online or call us today at (904) 268-7200