On a regular basis I see factory built fireplaces incorrectly installed and unsafe for use. Some are due to the professional installer but more often it is a do it yourself project gone wrong. The scary thing is that the installation, most times, had been completed for some time or from a prior homeowner but the chance of a chimney fire is extreme. Here is one example below from last week: Let’s start in the attic where the two inch minimum clearance to combustibles has been violated in several areas. Additionally, the fire stop was missing from this system and combustibles had dropped down onto the factory built fireplace. To make matters worse, the chimney chase cover was was also made of combustible materials and was allowing water intrusion into the home. In summary, if you are going to install a fireplace yourself, please follow the manufacturers instructions and please consult a chimney professional if you have any questions. One must remember that you are installing a fire in a home and shortcuts should never be taken. Please consider your safety and the safety of the future homeowner!