One of the best tools of the trade is the Chim-Scan flue inspection system. Countless times I have found hidden dangers that would not have been discovered without it. So how does it work? The Version of the Chim-Scan I use has two sets of cameras, one pointing up looking for blockages, and another (the lighthouse camera) that rotates 360 degrees giving a live action view of the inside of your flue system. Check it out: [wpvideo jwjoq9BY ] [wpvideo DMkqkLCe ] As you can see this is a essential tool for a chimney sweep and when dealing with a fire in a house, you do not ever want to take chances. This is one of the many investments that CSIA certified professionals make to help ensure a homeowners safety. Our inspections can be more expensive than some of the competition, but also much more detailed and comprehensive.