There’s no better time to get your chimney cleaned and inspected by a professional chimney sweep than right now. Spring is here, which means more rain, more pests, and probably some much needed deep cleaning. So, why not have your chimney cleaned and inspected as well?

Although doing a complete spring clean is a lot of work, it can end up being a great payoff. With the help from the team at Chimney Champions, you can rest easily, knowing your flue and stack are moisture damage free and sealed up tightly for the hot summer months ahead.




    Prep for Moisture

    Your masonry takes a beating from all the moisture as the seasons change, leaving you with potential issues. Anytime you use your fireplace, some amount of creosote is deposited in your chimney flue. This means that when when it gets hot outside, particularly if moisture has made its way into your chimney, the deposits in the liner can emit a sour odor, which can make its way inside your home. Having chimney sweeps come to clean and inspect your chimney will ensure your house will smell fresh and clean.

    Spring is typically is the best time to check your masonry and fix any holes or replace any bricks that are loose. Heavy rains can eat away at the bricks and mortar, creating holes for water leaks and making your chimney system weak. There could also be damage to your chimney or flue liner as a result of moisture seeping into the exterior masonry, causing the bricks, stones, or flue tiles to crack.

    Moisture damages should be repaired quickly, in order to keep the costs of repairs low and slow down any deterioration. In addition, by scheduling your chimney cleaning and inspection during the spring season, you beat the rush which is typical in fall and winter, with temperatures cooling down.

    Contact the Chimney Experts

    There’s something about spring cleaning a home that just feels great, and it’s even better when the chimney soot has also been removed. When you need a highly trained team of chimney inspectors, turn to our staff at Chimney Champions. We offer everything from full inspections to repairs, for residents throughout Jacksonville and Middleburg, FL. Don’t let your chimney cause you headaches and extensive repairs. Contact us today at (904) 268-7200 to schedule your appointment.