Gas fireplaces have become popular in Jacksonville, FL, for homeowners looking to add a little warmth and ambiance to their living spaces. However, burning gas in your home comes with some risks, which is why gas fireplaces come with carbon monoxide detectors. Here at Chimney Champions, our NFI Certified chimney specialists replace these often, yet many homeowners still ask why they have to have one in the first place. Keep reading to learn the top two reasons why gas fireplaces come with carbon monoxide detectors.

Why Gas Fireplaces Come with Carbon Monoxide Detectors

1. Carbon Monoxide Is Deadly

Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless gas produced by gas-burning appliances. When inhaled in high concentrations, it can be lethal, causing symptoms such as dizziness, confusion, nausea, and even death. Gas fireplaces are a common source of carbon monoxide leaks due to incomplete combustion or blocked vents. Having a carbon monoxide detector near your gas fireplace lets you quickly detect leaks and take appropriate action to prevent harm.

2. A Detector Adds a Layer of Safety

In addition to protecting your family from potential health risks, having a functioning carbon monoxide detector with your gas fireplace can also provide peace of mind. Knowing you have an extra layer of protection against this silent killer can help you feel more secure in your home. Many modern detectors are equipped with advanced features, such as digital displays and smartphone connectivity, making it easier than ever to monitor the levels of carbon monoxide in your home.

Just Don’t Forget the Inspections

Regular gas fireplace and carbon monoxide detector maintenance is essential for ensuring their proper functionality. A professional technician should inspect your fireplace annually to check for any issues that could lead to carbon monoxide leaks. Similarly, you should regularly test your carbon monoxide detector to ensure it works correctly. Replace the batteries at least once a year and replace the entire unit every 5-7 years per the manufacturer’s guidelines.

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