Aaron Arters Photo

Aaron is our lead of repairs and co-owner at Chimney Champions. He works to keep water intrusion controlled to rid your home of excessive moisture and organic growth. Believing the work he does for his customers is servitude to their family’s and prides himself in using his hands and knowledge to benefit others around him.

He started his professional career working for a local construction company where he spent his time learning trade skills such as roofing, woodworking, framing, and venting applications. Eventually moving into the HVAC field and becoming a Lead Changeout Technician he expanded his knowledge becoming a Certified Carrier Installation Technician and EPA Certified Technician. The years he spent in this field add to his Venting and Chimney Venting knowledge.

As part of the Chimney Industry, he has strived to increase his knowledge for the safety of our customers and to repair chimneys to the best of his ability. He is certified by The Chimney Safety Institute of America in Chimney Inspections, Chimney Masonry, Chimney Roof Safety and Rope safety by OSHA and Tenn. Fire Codes Academy.