What the heck are Aldehydes?

December 20, 2018 | Technically Speaking

So lets say you have a strange odor coming from your gas fireplace, not typical to the rotten egg smell of a gas leak, what could it be? The answer could be Aldehydes, chemical compounds that results from incomplete combustion. One key component of maintaining a gas system is keeping the firebox clean and free of things such as pet hair, lint, dust, etc. As your fireplace naturally pulls in these contaminants from your home, key components of your gas log system can become clogged and the result is the production of Aldehydes and also potentially deadly carbon monoxide. Always remember, you can smell Aldehydes but you can never smell carbon monoxide. Be sure to have multiple carbon monoxide detectors in your home for safety and make sure to have your gas system professionally inspected and cleaned once a year to prevent clogging of air inlets and ensure that your fireplace … Continued

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